Ending my posting hiatus, and actually settling on a game!

OK kids, I know it’s been a long time coming, but I’m posting this to let you know I’m still alive, and I will need to inform you of my further low requirement MMO escapades. I never ended up using all of my leftover cash shop funds in Perfect World, as I came once again […]

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The Quest for PvE

OK, so, after my last post, I had settled on SMT: Imagine as my game of choice. Well, things changed. A lot. For one, I went back to playing Megaten, only to immediately get turned off again by more of a focus on click to move mechanics and the general slowness of everything in game […]

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I like to play games, and I especially like multiplayer games, because I’m usually decent enough at them. So, why don’t I review all the games I’ve played on a blog? I’ve played tons of MMOs, and I know what sucks and what doesn’t suck. I like PvP as much as I like PvE, and both sci-fi and fantasy settings are decent. I will have a short style to my reviews, possibly expounding more on them if I really liked or disliked certain aspects. This short style may lead to errors in punctuation and grammar, but whatever.

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