lost saga

game name: Lost Saga

cost: Free

free trial: duh, it’s free!

download size: ~280mb

download type: direct download, several mirror sites available

combat style: Imagine if Smash Bros. met Power Stone and had a baby that went online and combined the awesomeness of both games with a big roster of characters and up to 16 player multiplayer…yeah, it’s like that

pvp style: This game is room-based pvp. The PvP is completely awesome, whether a team battle or 16-player deathmatch. There is a global ranking battle between two warring “factions”, you join that battle and win bonuses if your side is winning at the end of specific time periods.

Who cares about that crap though, the game frickin rocks!  If you liked fighters like the aforementioned Smash Bros, Power Stone, or even fighting games in general, this one is worth checking out. It will even be at the World Cyber Games this year! Just grab a gamepad, because it really gets you addicted. 🙂 The game has BUILT IN JOYSTICK SUPPORT, although be sure to map the controls to the d-pad instead of the analog if you have an analog gamepad, so that the diagonals work properly.

pve style: No real persistent world, just lobbies where you can practice fight other people, or fish!


yeah, you know you want to fish for stuff in yet another MMO with fishing! well, it’s a room-based game with persistent characters, not that “MMO”-ish, but whatever, they’re called MMOs, and that’s the last time I’ll speak on that subject.

There’s a room-based PvE mode where you advance through “floors” where you have to kill all of the enemies on each floor to advance to the next…mini bosses on every 5th floor, bigger bosses at floor 20 and onward (up to floor 50 in hard mode, which is supposed to be ludicrously hard). It’s fun, but the meat and potatoes is PvP. Or, you can fish your face off.

standout features: There are over 16 characters to play as, and they are all unique, fun, and actually very balanced! The game really is skill-based, I have killed tons of people with cash shop items, higher levels, etc, with pure skill. That is probably the best part about it, it has that easy-to-learn but hard-to-master quality that makes skill games great.

grind level: You do level in this game, but it is fairly fast at first, and then plateaus as most f2p games do…but level doesn’t matter a whole lot in this game, as you’ll see quickly.

f2p item shop: Your characters all let you play them in two hour blocks of time that you can buy back with in game money, with about 30mins-1hr of play making enough money to get a 2hr block. You can buy them for 30 days for about $5, or permanently for $15. You can buy item chests from the shop, but you can also get them as gifts, which come to you for every hour of play, or through other in-game means. It doesn’t overpower you though, because if you suck you’ll get stomped anyway.

still installed: oh hell yes

still subscribed: no worries here!

still playing: yes, fairly daily right now, although that might wane.

total time played: i would tell you but x-fire doesn’t support it! that’s probably my only con.

current level in-game: highest is 10, the zerker.






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