Fantasy Earth Zero

game name: fantasy earth zero

cost: Free

free trial: i think it’s free, bro

download size: 1GB

download type: direct / pando media booster

combat style: DDO soft-targeting style where you switch between attacks with the hotkeys. You can dodge with a sidestep, but not roll, although you can jump. Little delays after attacking.

pvp style: This game is pretty much all pvp. No, I think there may be some PvE in there, but I didn’t go for that, other than the initial tutorial missions that level you from 1-16. It plays like an RTS/RPG hybrid kinda like Savage 2, except in 50v50 pvp across different battlefields that comprise a larger control map.
You don’t have a "commander", anyone can gather minerals and build things. This causes a lot of people to huddle at the mining crystals and mine while deciding what to build, trading the crystals around to get things built faster. You can make towers for offense against troops, towers for control of the map, or morph into a large creature to destroy structures and other large creatures.

pve style: wha? I didn’t play that.

standout features: It seems to be akin to global agenda and tower defense crossed with ddo-style fighting on a crappy graphical engine stuck at max 1024×768 (not exaggerating), with a server that can fluctuate from 67ms to 223ms ping on a good connection depending on the battle. Even with all of that, it’s still kinda fun, as skill to dodge and stay alive can work for even a noob like me to survive and get kills on the frontlines. It’s free, and if you don’t mind PS1 graphics, give it a shot.

grind level: I think this game gives you xp whenever the fuck it wants. Boosted to level 16, and then pvp didn’t seem to give any xp. I could be wrong.

f2p item shop: I got tired of playing before I got to the shop, it’s not really mentioned much in game. I think it does something, but I have no clue.

still installed: yeah, I’ll probably update this later once I play more, after I write a review for Fallen Earth because that game is about 10 million times better

still playing: not really, it was amusing but I could have more fun with the better active combat of Fallen Earth or DDO, although the massive PVP and design of the battles/building stuff was fun. It’s just not that hot in comparison to today’s games. It’s like if they took a game from 1999 and tried to sell it to you now, but it was only like maybe a C+ rated game, with decent features that other games don’t have. If you’re looking for something new, though, give it a shot. It’s better than a lot of free2play crap, although less of an MMO than a massive team deathmatch.

total time played: i would say, maybe 7 hours. light to review something, but I really can’t get much outta this game anymore personally.

current level in-game: 16

screenshots: none, sorry, i suck

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