current mmo playing status/mmo time usage

Ok, so I’m currently FINALLY down to just a few games:

Fallen Earth – my now one and only p2p game, as I just dropped EvE Online and Darkfall. EVE I was basically playing offline, and didn’t really feel like I would have the time commitment for it…as well as the fact that the combat is not really “actiony”, and I like action/twitch stuff. I want something where if I have to AFK or G2G and leave suddenly, I can, and I can still have progressed or had fun in the little time that I had to play.

Darkfall is fun, until you meet those assholes that play/macro all the time and they whomp you…the skills make some difference, but it seems like the gear makes even MORE difference now.  I will probably hop back in Darkfall to give all my stuff to someone, although I may try it again someday.

Back to Fallen Earth…I have previously proclaimed it the Best MMO Ever, but had gotten lured by other games (I wanted instant-on massive PvP/RvR so I had moved to WAR for a short time). Now that I’ve found that other games don’t really measure up to FE, I’ve returned. I can solo this game, play for 10-20 minutes and still shoot shit up and actually earn xp and have fun…or I can group up, fight some crazy boss or just raise hell, and play all night.

For an example, here’s what I can do in 20 minutes in some various games:

DDO: I can play a short dungeon, but nothing longer than “medium” unless rushed, and even some “medium” dungeons are too long. If I leave mid-dungeon, I get NOTHING. Losing all of the XP for something just because you died at the end or had to leave really made me dislike this game, it was like I was losing a lot of work on my character. It’s a fun game though, and stays installed.

EVE: Well, if i’m within a jump or maybe two of a mission, I can hop to that, or I can play the market (booooring) or mine shit (boooring), but that’s it. Currently, my guy was 24 jumps from our corp’s homebase, so I never felt like I had time to move him in position!

Darkfall: You can jump in this one and fight/craft some with only 10-20 minutes, but the massive world means I would need to go to a spawn close to where I logged on at. It typically takes longer to play, though, you can waste a lot of time traveling, gearing up, or ESPECIALLY waiting for others. I think you can still do things on a short amount of time, though.

Most of the cookie cutter hotkey games like WoW you can blow a quick 10-29 minutes on, but they suck anyway. 😛

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