why the hell am I not posting?

There are several reasons why I have not been posting much, most of them having to do with finally setting within one MMO for the time being. Age of Conan has really grasped my attention after my gamepad testing, and although I have migrated to mouse + keyboard (and jacked my mouse sensitivity up to become a circle strafe combo king), I am enjoying it greatly. I have taken many awesome pictures, check them out:


I take screenshots of bosses, nice views in game (although I have turned down my details in the distance and disabled shadows for PvP framerate increases), and groups that I adventured with. I have been clearing quests below my level in Conall’s Valley and Khopshef Province, even though I used my bonus levels to go up a few levels over the quests, so that I can simply experience the story and cleave through the enemies without issues or any need to grind.

World PvP is hilarious fun, and I have had some long, drawn-out battles with other players that really demonstrated to me that the PvP balance and strategy in this game is excellent. No MMO is perfectly “balanced” in PvP (characters are always changing in stats and abilities, and are never truly equal in potential for destruction), but when two characters of close level can have a five minute brawl that ends with only a few hundred HP left on the victor, it demonstrates a sense of balance. I think that the balance in this game actually stems from player skill, as it factors in much more than most MMOs I have played, and I have been able to fight for survival successfully in some dire situations.

I am working towards this being my first MMO to make max level in (other than Guild Wars which doesn’t count), and it has not disappointed me. The lore, the gameplay, the graphics, the roleplay potential, and the community have all been top notch so far. There is a growing undercurrent of support for this game, and the expansion looks to be a lot of fun, so if you have not tried it, you should do so. Otherwise, it may end up boring to read my updates, as I will probably shift gears to more AoC stuff if I can stick with it. šŸ™‚

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