The quest for laptop-playable low requirement MMOs

I have reverted to a laptop until I get my new power supply and get back into Age of Conan (at least a month out if not more). Here are the basic specs:

Pentium Core Duo T2060, 1.60GHz x 2


Intel 945GMA integrated graphics

For my current build, I went with vanilla Windows XP. For the age of the device, it seems like it will give me the most gaming bang for my buck.

In researching the 945 graphics chipset, I found modified drivers at which is a site for 9XX series drivers. The modded drivers you may need to Google, as they are not as easy to find, but the GMABooster program helps.

My current game lineup for the craptop is as follows:

Heroes of Might and Magic Online – Excellent game, but is only in closed beta until next month, so I won’t play much until it flops to open beta and characters are permanent. It is, however, really fun!

Mabinogi – Fun game, although I have only installed it and not played it yet since getting the laptop up on XP. I may visit this later.

Aika Online – This game has everything right, except for the fact that it stutters for some weird reason. Every computer I’ve ever installed it on, the game will shake or studder while i’m walking, but is fine when I’m stationary. This is exacerbated on slopes. I won’t play this much except to test card tweaks or to see if patches fix the issues.

Fantasy Earth Zero – Well, I said before that I’d hate to play this except on my crappy laptop, and now I’m stuck on the crappy laptop. This game actually runs rather well, and I think they have started to address lag issues. I will be playing this at a decent pace, but the last two games are taking the most time now:

Battle of the Immortals – Imagine if Diablo and Titan Quest were remade by Chinese developers in MMO format, and you pretty much have this game. Easy to play and quest in, decent graphics and gameplay, and hell, at least it’s better than Torchlight (until they make the MMO). It’s also free, and works well as a 2.5D clicky clicky dungeon crawler. The questing system is easy with the autopathing, so just click away!

Lord of Ultima – I feel guilty for liking this game. Really! I have had a hatred of webgames forever, and as webgames became more sophisticated, I still basically ignored them. From the earliest kingdom-building web-based MMOs in the mid90s, I have been constantly bored by them, and when technology caught up to the web to make more interactive games, they churned out total crap like Mafia Wars or Farmville or whatever Zynga is regurgitating today. But this game…it fuckin got me! It’s addictive, the action is fast enough to act a few times a day, and I’ve already made it into a decently-ranked alliance. If you want some castle-building fiefdom action, check it out.

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