Low System Requirement MMOs part 2: The Results

OK, so I’ve now tested several games on my crappy laptop, and surprisingly, one has stood out as incredibly fun. To recap, here are my laptop’s specs:

Core Duo T2060 (1.6GHz x 2), 4GB RAM, Windows XP SP3, Intel 945gma integrated graphics with KinGPin Intel 945gma modded drivers v1.2 and GMABooster set to 266MHz.

Now, I will go over every game I have installed, with a short review of how it runs and why I will or will not play it:

Mabinogi – I have no idea why this game won’t run, it has the requisite crappy graphics, but apparently their graphics engine is too good for my machine…it runs rather slow and gives an error about not working when it starts. I may try this again on the normal non-modded drivers however, as there are a few games that do not get a performance boost but take a hit with the drivers on (namely OpenGL, where several extra extensions have been added to the driver that are unsupported).

Combat Arms – Yeah, Lithtech’s Jupiter engine hates the 945. This one gets good frames until you have to render something more than 10 feet ahead of your character, and then it shits on itself. This game may also benefit from driver switches, so I will most likely retest (as I am retarded good at this game when in a hacker-free room).

Counter-Strike (1.6) – Works very excellently, as expected. The GMABooster clock change helps put FPS high enough to be competitive, even. But, with modded drivers, this will NOT work worth a crap at all in OpenGL. I had to switch to regular drivers and test with D3D, which works flawlessly.

Soldier Front – This runs crappily for a crappy looking game, I just wanted some persistent FPS to play and test out, but this ain’t it. Hacker wallhack sniping in the very first game I joined does not bode well for the game, and I got CS running so this is pretty much useless. Left it on the HD for benchmarking purposes with driver/clockspeed changes (along with all of the other games I hated on for simply not working well, they just barely work so they are good for benchmarking any performance increases).

Aika Online – Runs like crap, and to boot, the stuttering issue still exists even on this system! I’d like to play it as it seems interesting with the RvR, but even if it ran well, why the hell does it shake so much when walking up and down slopes? Can they not program a fucking CAMERA ANGLE? This doesn’t seem to be happening to everyone, or they’re too retarded to notice, so I digress.

Battle of the Immortals – Runs great, but the game is too much PvE for me right now. A lot of clicky clicky clicky on a railroad quest path to the top. I will play this on occasion, but I am having more fun in other games so it will take a backseat. Made it to Level 35 before halting, though, so I do have a decent impression of the game (other than PvP).

Lord of Ultima – The webgame MMO I tried, and I’m still playing this after a week, checking it every day…that alone should say volumes. I normally HATE webgames with a passion. I have to admit, it is much easier to continue playing a game when it is designed to use LESS of your time daily…developers should think about that.

Heroes of Might and Magic Online – O M G. This game is still very fun, runs absolutely flawlessly on my machine, and just to keep people finding bugs and playing closed beta they’ve added rewards of free cash shop money randomly on every quest! I will play a battlefield map once a day to have fun and try for a random reward, and am salivating for this one to make it to open beta/full persistent characters…my necromancer is gonna be sweeeeeet!

Fantasy Earth Zero – This is my new addiction. When I had a much better computer, I wrote this game off as a fun idea, but laggy and with the crappiest graphics of any new game out. Let me tell you, I wrote that game off way too soon! The game still has lag bouts (although I have noticed my latency getting better), but I have gotten more skilled at playing, and found that the Playstation-era graphics should not detract from the MASSIVE amount of gameplay to be found in this game. It’s got a heavy RTS component to the wars, 50v50 battles, FPS-style twitch combat, and constant battles between five nations for territories on a big map. If you want accessible, fun PvP where player skill factors in a great deal, play this. 

My conclusion? Fantasy Earth Zero is probably the best thing to happen to crappy computers in the 21st century. But, just to let you know how good the game is, when I get the other computer back, I am still going to play it frequently! I actually anticipate this game sharing equal time with my former powerhouse Age of Conan, as both games have fun PvP, and each has a very different flavor of MMO. Playing with my current framerate will also let me rock socks when I play on a decent machine, so I am ready!!

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