The Low Requirement MMO Hunt part 3: Great PvE

OK, well, since my last article, I have thoroughly enjoyed my new main game, Fantasy Earth Zero. The game is excellent for PvP, and completely satisfies my need for PvP in pretty much every way. Playing it, though, it is simply a constant war. Other MMOs have more of a persistent world, with big PvE moments and tons of opportunity for exploration. So, once again, I am on the lookout for a excellent PvE game that will run well on my machine for times when I feel more like grinding out some mindless computer monsters in a large world. I went back on my laptop to check out games both old and new, ones I’ve played previously as well as a few that I have never tried.

Eternal Lands – I’ve tried this before, when testing Linux games. It runs okay on my machine, however, it is mainly OpenGL so it doesn’t run as well with the modified Intel 9xx drivers.  The controls are kinda crappy, the game is fairly ugly (but I DEFINITELY do not care about graphics on this craptop), but the real boot is just that it is not a smooth game in execution of basic game commands. This is similar to why I did not like the next game on my list, even though it once was a major MMO.

Asheron’s Call – I figured I would try this out, as it has had a lot of fans over the years, I was always interested in it’s game systems, and it should run like a champion on this laptop. Well, I was right about one thing: it runs fantastic on the laptop. However, there are so many nitpicking things that I do not like right off the bat that I really don’t care to PAY for a sub. Mouselook sucks or doesn’t work the way I’d like,  what the hell is with having to click a combat icon to fight stuff, and seriously, there are just too many game mechanics that have been simplified and streamlined sinced this game was released. Returning players going back for the future graphics update may be surprised at the fact that they will dislike a lot of this stuff that is much different in newer games.

Soul of the Ultimate Nation – This game runs OK on my system, but definitely lags with too much world geometry or players on screen. I will continue to test and see how well this runs, as I am fairly high level in this game, but the QWES movement and game lag may keep me from playing this for now.

Kingdom Heroes – This game looked pretty cool, but the Intel 9xx “doesnt support pixel shader 2.0” according to the game. The game ran anyway, but I can see some obvious graphical flaws even on the logon screen, so I may delete this one.

Runes of Magic – I played this for awhile on my other machine, have a decently leveled character. Not too fond of the gameplay and cheesy graphics, but hell, it doesn’t run worth a shit on this system. Deleting or using this one for benchmarking system changes.

Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine – WOW. This game runs AWESOME on my system in initial tests. I have not stressed it to the max, but it really seems like I may return to this game for my PvE kick. I enjoy the rock/paper/scissors of this hotkey-with-blocking/dodging style, and I love the lore and setting. My last character was decently leveled, and I think I’d like to return to this as my PvE choice for now. Winner!

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