The Quest for PvE

OK, so, after my last post, I had settled on SMT: Imagine as my game of choice. Well, things changed. A lot. For one, I went back to playing Megaten, only to immediately get turned off again by more of a focus on click to move mechanics and the general slowness of everything in game (especially walking). I was getting some laptop lag when in towns, but not too bad, it was still workable. But, in the end, it really didn’t have the feel I wanted.

So, I turned to check out a few more games. I re-installed Guild Wars, but I’ve already beaten the hell out of Prophecies, so there’s really no point other than high-level PvE I haven’t done or buying an expansion. I went back to Battle of the Immortals for a bit, which is a nice game, but fairly boring. There’s not a lot of exploring to do when you’re just moving around maps with portals, and the game is just, OK. But then, I had a revelation…

Perfect World International worked very well on my laptop the last time I gamed on it. I even used the cash shop! It was fun, and I even leveled up to 46 on the PvP server, but I felt that it would be too cash-shop dependent. It is, actually, fairly favorable to those using the cash shop. You can buy the CS money with in-game money, however, but to make enough in-game money to do that often, I would imagine you would need to farm some high level stuff. (although, I always suck at making money in games, so I haven’t tried the “optimal” money making at my level) The thing that makes them profitable? Auto-potions called “Charms”. Banks of up to 600000HP that will instantly heal you to max HP once half is gone, with a 10 second cooldown. As you can imagine, these are extremely useful.

So, I am not exactly excited to be going back to something like that, but the game’s PvE is fun, the world is explorable and memorable, and I still had active HP/MP charms and cash shop money! I gave myself an ultimatum: No more downloading MMOs until I’ve played out all my cash shop items and money on this game. And let me tell you, having those items while reintroducing myself to my character is very fun! I will continue to give analysis of my return to PWI, including estimates of how much it would cost per month to play with full charms on all the time. If you’re on the Lost Tear server, give Wishfox a shout!

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