Ending my posting hiatus, and actually settling on a game!

OK kids, I know it’s been a long time coming, but I’m posting this to let you know I’m still alive, and I will need to inform you of my further low requirement MMO escapades. I never ended up using all of my leftover cash shop funds in Perfect World, as I came once again to the conclusion that it is a never ending super-grind, even though it runs very well on this system. To avoid future nickel-and-diming, I wanted to see what the best pay to play MMO is for my crappy laptop.

It all started when I re-downloaded Dungeons and Dragons Online. I like this game’s combat system a lot, and the developers had stated on their forums that the Intel 945 would be compatible. So, I fired it up, and lo and behold, it does run well! The best part is that dungeons have short draw distances, so most of the instanced content runs like a champ! I enjoyed playing it again, but quickly remembered why I don’t spend more time on it: wiping a dungeon basically means you’ve wasted all of that time with ZERO progression (as XP is given upon completion of the dungeon, and not from mobs). It is still installed, and will definitely get play occasionally.

Then, from those same wonderful devs at Turbine, I get sent an invitation to the closed beta of their upcoming free-to-play launch of Lord of the Rings Online. From the DDO free-to-play model, I have high hopes for how they will setup the free LOTRO, because the content-gating of DDO (rather than pay-to-win-or-progress ways of other “free” games) actually WORKS. I have tried LOTRO before, but did not stick with it at the time due to interest in other games.

Long story short, I was impressed by how it runs on my laptop, and re-subbed for 3 months! This gives me a nice stretch where I can enjoy this game and concentrate on it as my sole MMO. It has a great atmosphere, and it seems as if the developers put a lot in the game other than combat, so that the MMO-standard button mashing is complimented by other great game systems. I am playing on Landroval, so the immersion is excellent, and the community is the best I have ever seen.

I know, I know, I always say I will stick with a game (look at my last post, lol!), but Perfect World was just too grindtastic and didn’t have that “soul”. LOTRO is a rich world, with the obviously excellent lore behind it, and little touches everywhere that keep you immersed. This is why I have decided that it will be my main and only MMO for at least the duration of the sub, but I timed that so that it should run out when the game goes free to play, so it won’t be in vain! If I like it though, I will most likely stay VIP. I like PvMP. 🙂

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